Brain Tumour North West

Research Consortium

As a collaborative group BTNW relies on charitable funds and academic grants to support research projects. Donations and bequests to any of the charities mentioned in the “Linked Organisations” section with a request that support is offered to BTNW would be welcome. More directly, the Neurosurgical Unit at the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, has a research fund held under the Hospital’s Charitable Funds system which is used to support many Preston based projects. Donations can be made directly through the Neurosciences Business Manger.

Researchers within the North-West regions who wish to join the collaborative effort and access the BTNW Bank should contact one of the current team in “BTNW Membership” for further details. We are a welcoming and friendly group whose main aim is to provide better treatment for our patients and raise the profile of brain tumour research in the UK.

Research students interested in the neuro-oncology field - see "Research" tab for "PhD Opportunities".

Patients and relatives can offer invaluable assistance by agreeing to the use of tissues surplus to diagnostic requirements for research (see “The BTNW Tissue Bank”) and should consult their attending doctors for the necessary documentation. We also need to raise the awareness of brain tumours in the UK by lobbying politicians and other influential government bodies.