Brain Tumour North West

Research Consortium

University of Central Lancashire, Preston

Professor St John Crean
Professor Frank Martin
Professor Colin Davidson
Professor Rob Forbes
Dr Tim Snape
Dr Jane Alder
Dr Clare Lawrence
Dr Chris Smith
Dr Lisa Shaw
Dr Leroy Shervington
Dr Andrea Julie Burrow
Mr Pete Abel
Mr David Griffiths
Dr Philip Welsby
Dr Gail Welsby
Dr Robert Smith
Dr Izabela Stasik
Dr Sarah Dennison
Miss Vicky Metcalfe
Professor Robert Lea (retired member)

University of Wolverhampton

Professor John Darling ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Professor Tracy Warr
Dr Katherine Karakoula
Dr Mark Morris
Dr Farzana Rowther

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Preston

Professor Charles Davis
Professor Nihal Gurusinghe, Neurosurgery
Miss Elvira Lekka, Neurosurgery
Mr Arup Ray, Neurosurgery
Mr Greg Hall, Neurosurgery
Mr Nick Park, Neurosurgery
Dr Stephen Kennedy, Neuro-oncology
Mrs Julie Law, Neurosurgery SN
Dr S Mathur, Neuro-radiology
Professor Tim Dawson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Neuropathology
Dr Jacob Joseph, Neuropathology
Mrs Kate Ashton, Neuropathology

Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool

Mr Andrew Brodbelt, Neurosurgery
Mr Michael Jenkinson, Neurosurgery 
Mr Emmanuel Chavredakis, Neurosurgery 
Mr Zakaria Rasheed, Neurosurgery 
Dr Nitika Rathi, Neuropathology
Dr Kumar Das, Neuroradiology
Dr Samantha Mills, Neuroradiology
Miss Kirsty Martin-McGill, Research Dietician
Mr Khaja Syed, Walton Research Tissue Bank manager

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Brian Haylock, Clinical Oncologist 

Lancaster University

Dr Nikki Copeland – Biomedicine

University of Liverpool

Mr Michael Jenkinson, Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery
Mr Andrew Brodbelt, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery
Dr Violaine See, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Professor Tony Marson, Neurology and Epilepsy trials 
Professor Harish Poptani, Centre for Preclinical Imaging