Brain Tumour North West

Research Consortium

Brain Tumour North West (BTNW), involves the Universities of Central Lancashire, Wolverhampton Manchester Metropolitan, Liverpool and Keele and together with the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and Walton Centre NHS Trusts, in a new strategic alliance designed to consolidate and exploit clinical and research-based brain tumour expertise which currently exists within the region.

BTNW brings academic staff, consultant neurosurgeons, neuropathologists and oncologists together with specialist nurses, biomedical scientists and other allied healthcare professionals to form a powerful critical mass dedicated to brain tumour research.

In this way, the North West will form the focus for the development and delivery of significant research programmes designed to increase our understanding of this devastating form of cancer. Ultimately, this will result in improved and faster methods of accurate diagnosis with effective treatment customised to the individual patient.


The figure above shows the results of some current work by BTNW. Cells from patients with brain cancer are cultured in vitro to test for their sensitivity to a variety of anticancer drugs. The vertical axis gives the concentration of the drugs at which 50% of the cells are killed (LD50). A marked individual difference of sensitivity to the different anti-cancer drugs is apparent. It is hoped that this form of research will supply valuable information to the clinicians as to which drug would be the most suitable for administration to a particular patient.